April 2009 - Chapelle 35' Utility Launch

April - Most of the tent repairs are holding, -but now it's starting to get hot! Hopefully I can get the epoxy on before it gets too crazy. If not, I'll have to "open" some windows... (Update: Apr 27th, -the tent must go! It's WAY TOO HOT! 80+ degrees already in April in Long Island, NY !!!)

The boat is beginning to fair up. Second bottom layer is on and trimmed to shape. I'll need to unscrew the whole layer and get the epoxy on. I got some cheap epoxy here: www.boatbuildercentral.com. I purchased the Marinepoxy (medium hardener) and so far I like it. Even at 80 degrees, it didn't set up too quickly. I like lots of time to work w/ epoxy. I'm an epoxy slob, so I need plenty of time to clean up before it cures in all the wrong places!

I decided to leave the short pieces up in the bow (see December). The final bottom thickness (today's plan anyway...) will be (2)x5.2mm + (1)12mm + (1)x5.2mm. That's 32.8mm or roughly an inch and a quarter. Should be good enough to hit a few boulders and stand up to some rot when the water gets in... Side panels will be a bit thinner at 1 inch: (1)x5.2mm + (1)12mm + (1)x5.2mm. This is roughly the same thickness as the original plan using solid wood planking. Some will call this crazy overkill and too much weight. I call it the minimal frame solution. Plus, I like a boat that doesn't blow away like a paper bag, and does some damage to the pier instead of vice versa. Also, I've noticed that wood floats...

Upcoming Tasks:

  • Finish first two layers of ply.
  • Fix frame 1, -slight bump in the hull at the keel line on port side only. I suspect a twisted frame mould. Unscrew, reset, re-screw...
  • Get the stem straightened out. After I took the stem mould out, I never got around to plumbing the stem.
  • Need a transom...!
  • Get the epoxy on between the first two layers and tab the keel and chine
  • Keep an eye on the "straight line" from the bottom of the stem to the 3rd frame, -which is still kind of curvy...

Pictures of the epoxy layup coming soon.