December 2008 - Chapelle 35' Utility Launch

Nothing much going on in this particular set of pictures. They do show the shape of the bottom however. Note the way the curve flips under the stern. Also, the stern is perfectly flat for the last 2 frames. There's a keel that follows that line at it's top edge and ends near the bottom of the propellor. It protects the prop and provides stability. It also gives longitudinal strength. Old sharpies had a fairly fat plank laid on the flat aft of the main keelson. I'll have to build up that aft, flat section in a similar manner. The keel will go on after everything is glassed up.

Note that the planking starts at the first frame. This made it easier to get the shape right. I may redo that first layer since I don't like the short piece up front. It depends on whether or not I can laminate it all together easily the way it is. I think it will be easier to laminate first, and then spring the piece into shape, rather than laminating the tight curve in place on the bottom. We'll see...