February 2009 - Chapelle 35' Utility Launch

All of the panels are cut to rough shape and placed on the mould. Next step is to place temporary butt blocks between the sheets to hold them in place more securely while planing the edges further. Everything needs to be just so before laminating on the second layer. The second layer will true up the panels, but any edges that get in the way of the natural curve of the ply will affect the overall shape (probably forever unless caught quickly).

Note the PVC piping. I'm getting ready to put the tent up once the epoxy starts flowing. The tent will be hashed together from 3/4" pipe w/ 1/2" pipe joints. I find that 1/2" short pieces used to connect (2) 3/4" pieces, are sturdier than the pvc couplings when bending the pipe.

Here's my tent strategy: Pound a few 2' sections of 1/2" pipe into the ground every 4' or so. Then I use a bunch of 25 footers (3/4", 2x10' + 1x5') bent into archs. Drive 1/2" drywall screws through the pipes at the joints to keep them together. Use whatever you have laying around (pvc, light wood/molding) for longitudinals to true them up. Crisscross some so that you get some lateral support. Then pop a tarp over the whole thing. Get one that's wider than the arch length (25' in my case). Throw whatever junk you have around the edges to hold down the tarp sides. Then throw a few ropes over the top to hold the whole contraption down (the wind WILL pick the whole thing up...). Tie them to stakes a few feet out from the bottom.

Things fall down w/ rain and snow if everything isn't perfect, but it collapses directly over the boat if you've tied everything down securely, -so it stays dry. Then you just straighten it up again after the storm...

Pictures coming soon!