March 2009 - Chapelle 35' Utility Launch

March was all about the tent... After 3 or 4 knockdowns from the rain puddling on top of the tarp, I added more hoops and reinforced some of the ones that had bent or broke. Since the 1/2 inch pipe easily goes into the ground, I stuck one 10 footer on each side of the boat, between the original hoops, and slid a 3/4 inch pipe over them in the middle. Electrician's tape works just as well as the screws, and I didn't need to cut any of the pieces. So it turns out that I can throw a hoop up in about 5 seconds :-)

Note some of the interesting hoop arrangements in the picture. Hodgepodge works well for me...

I continue to cut and place the second layer of bottom planking. No epoxy yet. Two layers gets a lot closer to the right shape/curve. No glue until it's fair !!!

I recently found some interesting 12mm acx ply (from Arauco) at Lowe's. I'm going to try it on the third bottom layer and second topside layer. 5 plies, very consistent... $25/sheet!