35' Utility Launch

The original design for this boat can be found on pages 305 and 306 of Howard Chapelle's classic book Boatbuilding. Our new design calls for cold molded construction with fiberglass, epoxy, and marine ply. The prototype will have a water jet outboard so that lobster pots don't ruin your day, especially if you motor where I do, -on Long Island Sound. With no exposed propeller, you also don't have to worry about your kids swimming around the stern.

This boat will be extremely efficient. With a 5 to 1 length to beam ratio, this is truly a classic design. In the old days, before wide sterns and lots of horsepower were the norm, narrow boats cut gracefully through the water. I guess several thousand years of sailing heritage was not so easy to erase. The prototype will have a 35HP outboard jet (yes, 35HP). Options on subsequent versions will include an inboard diesel, w/ a jet or propeller.

The cockpit is an amazing 18 feet long. There's a 5 foot long lazarette at the stern, and most of it will be airtight to keep the stern out of the water in case of cockpit flooding. Several compartments throughout the rest of the vessel will also be airtight to ensure that this boat floats even when swamped.

The cuddy cabin is probably the largest cabin to ever have that terminology applied to it. It's 12 feet long. However, headroom is five feet at best. So if you're short, or you're 7 years old, you'll have full standing headroom. There will be a head and a large, U shaped berth. You can probably fit your whole family in here for a weekend camp out.

This boat will make a great:        
  • Picnic boat
  • Launch for your yacht
  • Launch for your marina or yacht club
  • Fishing boat
  • Workboat

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2 guys have created models of this boat and have great pictures on their websites:

Model 1
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